As part of your trip, it will be time to see what your give investment is doing first hand and see on the ground level how some of the proceeds from your trip fee is helping to fund projects for kids, elderly and community as we provide learning materials, food, water, clothing and ultimately for some, fund buildings for education and worship.

You will see how your help is positively affecting the people of that community.

You will feel the pride knowing you made a difference.

You will be guided by our Give Back Trip ambassador, Drew Hunthausen, who will take care of you on this part of your journey as he opens up this special give back day with a message from his Attitude, Gratitude, No Excuses Life presentation.
Drew Hunthausen 
From an 11 year old all-star baseball player and golfer, to suffering near death through a three month long coma, to being a totally blind and hearing impaired, Drew is now a triathlete, best-selling author, snow skier, and motivational speaker and he inspires his audiences to live lives filled with gratitude and hope.

His “no excuses” approach to life is so well received because of the way he has applied it to meeting the extremely significant challenges in his own journey. If you are experiencing Drew’s message you will be more grateful and appreciative, have renewed hope and the desire to focus on what you have to be grateful for.

No matter where you find yourself in life as you experience Drew’s message, you will come away with a more joyful heart, a more grateful spirit, and actionable ideas to apply to your own life.